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Wealth Management Resources Directory

A Directory of Wealth Management professionals who can assist Dinar Daddy's Tibits subscribers in managing their Iraqi Dinar investment.

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How To Place A Wealth Management Resources Directory Listing!

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Step 1 - Register as a Wealth Management Resources Directory member. Registration is automatic and immediate.

Step 2 - Select the state(s) you reside in or desire to provide service in. There is no limit on the listings that may be posted.

Step 3 - Click on the Tab marked "New Topic".

Step 4 - In the field marked "Title of the Topic" insert a title that reflects the product/service you are offering (Example: Tax Planning For High-Income Investors).

Step 5 - No "Description" is required.

Step 6 - Insert your listing in "Message" space. Your listing should be professional and the content and length are up to you. Listings will be reviewed and the Administrator has the final say so on listing content. Your should include your contact information in the listing.

We suggest that if you are going to insert an email address you use the format (youremailname (at) youremaildomain, instead of youremailname@youremaildomain). This will prevent the programs that constantly scan the Internet from harvesting your real email address so they can send you Spam.

If you move your cursor arrow over the boxes above the Message space it will display the function of each one. If you need additional instruction in how to use a particular function click on the "question mark box" (just to the right of Others) or click on the BBCode Guide.

Step 7 - Click on the "Preview" button to review the appearance of your listing.

Step 8 - Under "Options" the box is automatically checked to "Notify me when a reply is posted", the directory software will send a message to the email address you registered with, when anyone reply's to your listing.

Also we recommend you select "Post Topic As: Sticky" which guarantees your listing will appear within the state in the order you posted (i.e. If you were the first to post, your listing will always be seen first).

Step 9 - When you're satisfied click on "Send". After your listing has been posted you may edit it as many times as is necessary.

Step 10 - If you have any questions please contact the Administrator via the Private Message system.


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